Since 2011, I have been teaching the Executive MBA course at Maastricht University. This course is structured into three parts and has a strong practical focus. One notable aspect of the course is its workshop nature, where we engage in discussions with students during webinars. These discussions revolve around various case studies that address real-world problems faced by companies.

1. Project Valuation – we discuss New Balance case and the potential introduction of new sneakers onto the market by a company.  The students are supposed to discuss the projections and make necessary assumptions to make the valuation and decide whether the project is worth implementing or not. 

2. Capital Structure – we discuss with the students the problems related to dividend policy, share buybacks, IPOs and capital structure including the MM theory. The students are expected to discuss the optimal time and conditions on share buybacks/new share issuing and/or raising the new debt. The cases we covered here relate to Domino Pizza, a big furniture chain and Porsche company. 

3. M&A – we discuss here the different M&A deals, their condition, success and failures. Hereby, we cover WhatsApp, Skype and Instagram cases.