Bank bailout and resolution projects involve the implementation of measures to address financial distress and instability within the banking sector. In our projects, we focus on evaluating the effectiveness and impact of these measures. We assess the role of bank bailouts, resolution mechanisms, and state interventions in stabilizing troubled banks and safeguarding the overall financial system.

Additionally, we analyze the relationship between financial distress and state activism in corporate governance. We explore the nature and determinants of state interventions triggered by financial crises. By studying these actions, we seek to understand how governments respond to financial challenges and their implications for the economy.

Beyond the banking sector, our research extends to the broader role of the state in the economy. We examine state involvement in areas such as climate change, economic transitions, and crises. Through the analysis of policies, interventions, and strategies adopted by governments, we provide insights and recommendations for effective governance and sustainable economic development.

In summary, our projects contribute to the understanding of the intricate dynamics between the state, the financial sector, and the broader economy. Through rigorous research and analysis, we aim to inform policymakers and stakeholders about the most effective approaches to managing financial crises, promoting economic stability, and achieving long-term sustainability.